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Dissertation frustration.

I am getting so stressed out its not even funny! I have the first draft of my dissertation due , January 20th not to mention 2 Novela's of 10,000 words each AND an exam. so what am i doing? sitting on here veging my angst and chatting to friends on Facebook. I swear everytime i go to the library to do any work, it becomes a dating ground. people are stalking randoms on FB, chatting to randoms by the printer, and by the smoking area. When did the library become so social? The only way i am get my work done is if i am at home. I have come home, and i am bored already....its been 2 days. I have supressed my bordom with trips to the shops but it only depresses me more because Topshop and River Island have increased there prices by a furtheer 20 %. I couldnt even afford it before. I Tell a lie, i did. i used to work in Dorothy Perkins, but something deep inside of me said " leave a £6 an hour job with 25% discount, and all the holiday you could want...and go work at Tiger Tiger, for £5 an hour untill 5am in the morning with no breaks" i am officaly, mental.

So if anyone knows anything about Madeline Mcann, Sarah Payne cases, and knows how the media have represented these, and systematic and family abuse let me know...or post it to.

po box 2334
w12 6la.

much aprechiated.

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