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My Name is...

HI! ok, so livejournal, i could never keep up with. It was too confusing and everyone i would chat to would be from Miami, so all they had to talk about was Abercrombie and Fitch, Barbies and kens. ( am i being too stereotypical here?) So i am Beth, 20 from a small town called farnborough. You wouldnt know it for any other reason than for its annualy air show. Oh, and the fact Kate Moss uses the airport...i dont know.

I am in my final year of University in Portsmouth, which is hectic as well as amazing. I am studying Media, and even though some may say its a mickey mouse degree, i find it really demanding. Hegemony, Ideology, Syntagms...what the hell? But i try, none the less.
I suppose this blog.spot thing is just to kill my time in between essays and dissertations. I find the internet to be boring..now that facebook and myspace are overrated. Lets find something new.

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