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ah i am actually dying today. Last night i went to Jaxx with my lover mel and we partied like it was 1999, only better. 3 corky shots, 4 wines, a bottle of Jaques cider, 2 vodka lemonades and a corona...i think that equals t me being FUCKED!!!
i couldnt see but then again, it probably meant i couldnt see the shit that went out.
still 90000 words down on my dissertation i am finding its taking over my life. 2 sleeps till crimbo and all i want to do is wear the vintages dresses, but NYE!! The Key in Lundan. who's going, if your not ur shit. I can not wait!
im bored. i have watched all episodes of the O.C and Lost. what is left??.
found some santa socks in the street today then 10 yards along a watch. i think i ahve my gifts sorted.

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