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A very serious hangover, an upset stomache and rash that has appeared out of nowhere. Words fail me...
i HAVE AN exam tomorrow which is about advertising. analysiing adverts a plenty, with brushes of knowledge is enough to send anyone into a coma. I am indeed in one at the moment, sitting next to Math and Accounting students, burning my ears.
Good LUCK is what i need, a 2:1 as well please.
Check out Miss NOirs blog. its ace!


Feathred mountains.

so i do not have a job anymore, and i am replacing 23 hours a week with the library and friends on e4. when skins starts i think my life will be over.
I have a busy time the next few weeks, with essays and exams i also have to keep up appearances with the bosh bosh boshing.m Neligans bday, kay's leaving party and with becky and cargo'sn bday bosh up at rubber dub wit will be a moment of madness.
I am loving stanton warrioors at the moment but i can not find the right song.
i have booked to goto amsterdam on 13th March for Ed roff-roff's messy 4 days! I am impressed i did it all by myself. As well as the Netherlands, i have a trip to the lovely southampston where i am taking part in Miss Student Uk. i am in the regional finals, mental. Hense why my diet now consists of Green Tea, Pasta and water. I will be a waif. i will. ha


Miss student

you are looking at your Miss Student regional finalist! Oh yeah, thats right beth hall is now in the running to win 10 thousand pounds. Ok so its not all about the money, but it helps. I did it for a laught but then my ego interveined and now i belive that i could win it. I think i am quite funny, i have a good dress sense and i have a talent of spinning plates on sticks while standing on one leg. All the other contestants are all typical beauty queens, whereas i resemble kelly osbourne more than a barbie doll but maybe thats why i could win?

Who knows, but i would like to try. if i can get through the regional finals in march then i will be happpy. if that fails, i will audition for x factor. (please..!)