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Feathred mountains.

so i do not have a job anymore, and i am replacing 23 hours a week with the library and friends on e4. when skins starts i think my life will be over.
I have a busy time the next few weeks, with essays and exams i also have to keep up appearances with the bosh bosh boshing.m Neligans bday, kay's leaving party and with becky and cargo'sn bday bosh up at rubber dub wit will be a moment of madness.
I am loving stanton warrioors at the moment but i can not find the right song.
i have booked to goto amsterdam on 13th March for Ed roff-roff's messy 4 days! I am impressed i did it all by myself. As well as the Netherlands, i have a trip to the lovely southampston where i am taking part in Miss Student Uk. i am in the regional finals, mental. Hense why my diet now consists of Green Tea, Pasta and water. I will be a waif. i will. ha

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