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Aparently men are easier than wome. Not in the sexual sense, because to be fair women put it about a little bit more. I mean understanding them. I dont thnk so..help me out here.
Valentines day is 9 days away and if you are anything like me and my 3 flatmates who are single, its a day for tears, tissues and copious amounts of wine and chocolate! To me, this is a perfect date. food and wine to fill a hole that is lonliness...
get overit! I am 20, i am going out and getting battered. If i find my prince charming it will be a bonus, but i am pretty sure the only kisses i am going to get on my lips is from my lamb kebab.
Fuck it, who needs men anyway? Unless they give you undivided attention, kiss your toes, and beg for your forgivness when they dont put the toilet seatdown, they are not worth it. Valentines day is a night and day for me to treat myself. I couldnt think of anyone else for a perfect date.After 3 years of v-day cards the size of doors, and teddy bears big enough to fit in a zoo, it will be quite refreshing to just evaluate my issues. When an ex still see's u as his mistress, whole his poor lil finance is at home clutching that ring he once gave to you, you finally realise, valentines doesnt even matter anyway.

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