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It seems i will be reviewing Katy Tunstall gig next week. Since working at 'The Guide' i have been inundated with reviews, and press releases. I have loads of new bands i am interested in and some gigs lined up. Yesterday i had to bring in 5 things that i recently bought for a piece in the lifestyle magazine. It was fun, even though my picture was a little unflattering. But i am enjoying myself immensly and its sad toi say today is my last day. I have been working here tll 5pm every evening then going home to bed for 12. I feel like an old woman! But tonight its maries birthday and we are going to breakneck, which i promoted. My americcan apparel skirt should be here soon! I got a message through the post. Tomorrow i am focusing on my dissertation and cracking on with it. I have 3 weeks to go and 6k words. Not to mention essyasm, and other stuff i need to have handed in. Stressfull to say the least, but i think i can handle it.
I have ot apply for my PGCE this week too! ooo being an adult...


News Reporter

This has been one of the most amazing weeks of my life! I am currently at portsmouth news working on The Guide, which is a magazine supplement which comes out every week. I originally was placed upon the reporters table, but i have been writing articles for the guide, covering almost 5 pages which is exciting for me as i can showcase my poor spelling and appalling grammar. But its wicked because i am hopefully coming back to be a news reporter. Tomorrow i am off out on the streets interviewing people on a subject, taking pictures and being my own little fearne cotton. I have been covering for Nadine Bateman, a entertainments features editor. oh yeah baby, free cd's and love!!

watch this space, i will post some articles when they come out on friday 28th.


American Apparel & Kitty Nation

Ok so since being at home i have just sat on the computer and looed through fashion and vintage websites! what i hate about sites claiming they are vintage is, half the stuff is made in 2001 but made to look vintage,. But i have found an amazing online store: http://www.kittynation.com/store/ - Kitty Vintage Store. It is amzing and the girl who has set it up has been providuing items for shoots for ITV, BBC, maire Claire and Compaby Magazine, and she is pretty reasonable too.

Also just bought a skirt, on my credit card :( i have seen so many leeds student wearing them on facebook. They are American Apparel skirts in pink, purple, gree, white black and navy. I chose navy. It looks amzing in the picture but i think they sizes are too small!

It was £21 which is alot but ehck out the website its amazing. I also have my eye on a pair of these:

They arer£32 which not good but i love them! I wish i had more money. AA is now my new home. It seems wehen i went to Amsterdam they had a large store, i didnt even think about it! gutting. But this summer is all about white pumnps, floral dresses and skirts with vest tops and massive glasses. Better get on the tredmill.



Amsterdam was amazing! 14 Of us flew out on thursday, where we tried the culanary delights, smoking havens and the clubs over the four days we stayed. Escape the mighty club was amazing with Hed Kandi dj's and pumping elctric beats, not to mention the fact smoking spliff's inside was allowed, which made us very happy indeed. Weeed could be bought in coffee shops which were situated down every side road in the city, with Rookies, Smokeys, Dolphin bar and Route 99 all selling silver haze, white widdow and cheese ( yes cheese) flaour marigjuana.

The sites were beautiful too. we hired bikes and rode around the city, trying tio not get killed by trams, cars, pedestrians, buses and other cyslcists. It is a mental citry, with lots of museums, art cafe's and the architecture is a little weird too. If you go to the Red light disctrict dont be fazed, men of all sorts and women trapse down the seedy alleys in search for a quick shag/. I liked browsing through the doors and seeing what they all looked like. Some were hagged with bodies of 60 year olds, yet some were really tiny, and looked underage. It wa sa weird expeirence but with all the lads i felt safe.

Our apartment sat on a river and while it was ages away from the vcity it was nice to look out and see the suburbs from our window. I would like to go again, mianly for cultral reasons. as i felt i slept through most of the trip!

The fashion is a little boring. I saw no women or men that jumped out at me while i scvowere th strrets. if you go to rotterdam which is not in the centre of HOLLAND, you cvan experience more culture. As Amsterdam is a trousit capital it is run by, well, tourists.


RubberDub -sky high.

Sponsored Skydive Night - NMS

So it was another friday night, which meant another RubberDub. For those of you who dont know know what RubberdUB IS, chek: It is a breakbeat and minimal night dedicated to NMS members at uni. Its a night full of hard bassline and amazing beats so when the next one roles around be their.

28Th MARCH see's the New Music Soc displaying their tunes at Breakneck. So if you are interested in supporting a local cause, get involved.

It was an awesome night where i raised £55 for my sponsored skydive. If you are interested in sponsoring me for charity ( Macmillan Cancer Research) Then message me and i will fill out the forms.



I am doing a skydive. If you want to sponsor me please attend Rubber Dub on March 7th 2008. It is for chairty and all money will go to Cancer Reasearch.

Also if that didnt tickle your pickle, look at these sexy new shoes from Dune. They are amazing. Aparenlty jesus sandles are going to be big this summer, and they are so much more comfortable than standard flip flops.



Skirt Season

I have decided spring is upon us already and i have already got my legs out. I am really interested by the facination of navy. I have bought myself a skirt which is of navy stripes and sailor buttons to go with a plain navy vest top. The skirt is high wasited and cost £10 from Piramrk! Bargain if you ask me!
I also have teamed it with a double gold necklace with circles, not anchors as i thnk it woill overpower people.
but look at this...i saw this in topshop today and i know that its going to sell like hot cakes!