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American Apparel & Kitty Nation

Ok so since being at home i have just sat on the computer and looed through fashion and vintage websites! what i hate about sites claiming they are vintage is, half the stuff is made in 2001 but made to look vintage,. But i have found an amazing online store: http://www.kittynation.com/store/ - Kitty Vintage Store. It is amzing and the girl who has set it up has been providuing items for shoots for ITV, BBC, maire Claire and Compaby Magazine, and she is pretty reasonable too.

Also just bought a skirt, on my credit card :( i have seen so many leeds student wearing them on facebook. They are American Apparel skirts in pink, purple, gree, white black and navy. I chose navy. It looks amzing in the picture but i think they sizes are too small!

It was £21 which is alot but ehck out the website its amazing. I also have my eye on a pair of these:

They arer£32 which not good but i love them! I wish i had more money. AA is now my new home. It seems wehen i went to Amsterdam they had a large store, i didnt even think about it! gutting. But this summer is all about white pumnps, floral dresses and skirts with vest tops and massive glasses. Better get on the tredmill.

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