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Amsterdam was amazing! 14 Of us flew out on thursday, where we tried the culanary delights, smoking havens and the clubs over the four days we stayed. Escape the mighty club was amazing with Hed Kandi dj's and pumping elctric beats, not to mention the fact smoking spliff's inside was allowed, which made us very happy indeed. Weeed could be bought in coffee shops which were situated down every side road in the city, with Rookies, Smokeys, Dolphin bar and Route 99 all selling silver haze, white widdow and cheese ( yes cheese) flaour marigjuana.

The sites were beautiful too. we hired bikes and rode around the city, trying tio not get killed by trams, cars, pedestrians, buses and other cyslcists. It is a mental citry, with lots of museums, art cafe's and the architecture is a little weird too. If you go to the Red light disctrict dont be fazed, men of all sorts and women trapse down the seedy alleys in search for a quick shag/. I liked browsing through the doors and seeing what they all looked like. Some were hagged with bodies of 60 year olds, yet some were really tiny, and looked underage. It wa sa weird expeirence but with all the lads i felt safe.

Our apartment sat on a river and while it was ages away from the vcity it was nice to look out and see the suburbs from our window. I would like to go again, mianly for cultral reasons. as i felt i slept through most of the trip!

The fashion is a little boring. I saw no women or men that jumped out at me while i scvowere th strrets. if you go to rotterdam which is not in the centre of HOLLAND, you cvan experience more culture. As Amsterdam is a trousit capital it is run by, well, tourists.

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