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It seems i will be reviewing Katy Tunstall gig next week. Since working at 'The Guide' i have been inundated with reviews, and press releases. I have loads of new bands i am interested in and some gigs lined up. Yesterday i had to bring in 5 things that i recently bought for a piece in the lifestyle magazine. It was fun, even though my picture was a little unflattering. But i am enjoying myself immensly and its sad toi say today is my last day. I have been working here tll 5pm every evening then going home to bed for 12. I feel like an old woman! But tonight its maries birthday and we are going to breakneck, which i promoted. My americcan apparel skirt should be here soon! I got a message through the post. Tomorrow i am focusing on my dissertation and cracking on with it. I have 3 weeks to go and 6k words. Not to mention essyasm, and other stuff i need to have handed in. Stressfull to say the least, but i think i can handle it.
I have ot apply for my PGCE this week too! ooo being an adult...

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