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I have been saving my money recently, well trying to. After splashing £60 in london on drink and £50 on primark clothes i have about £100 left after putting down my deposit for our 8 bed house. To be fair its a bit dodgy..This guy who owns it enver lets us in, and we think he may have illegal immigrants living their.

Anyway loving this blog at the moment: Fashion Geek

Also, check out this dress i recently got. i dont think i can wear it, it is a little tight and therefore not so pretty as on the hanger:( but its so cute. I picked it up from George @ Asda for £16, which is a bargain.

I find it also makes my breasts look weird...

But i have since decided the best bargain in my life is my 50p chairty shop bin bargain...you cant really see it but its shaped like a butterfly top, kind of pat butcher but sweet.

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