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Boutiques + The End

I have a new hobby. I am addicted to small little boutiques around surrey and london. I have only started this because on Facebook my friend has the most amazing cream vintage baby doll top and she told me she got it from JU JU Boutique in Farnham, surrey. I looked it up and although it doesnt have awebsite Sam Brennan who i know has written a blog for it from the opening to the launch day. It is a facinating blog which i hope she continues to write. I have also been interested in Dutch and French fashion since visiting Amsterdam in March. I have noticed that the sumnmer is bringing a lot of baby blue, with pastel colours that create femininity and lust. Baby pinks, rose, and materials of silk and polyester are replacing tights, black blue and white.

I really love B boutique which is in london. (http://www.bstorelondon.com/)It has the most amazing shoes for £159 and sports designers such as Bernhard Willhelm, Bless and Damir Doma. I think i have found my calling. I know i would love to own my own store where i can bring in small designers and stores. Kiston also sports for JUJU Boutqiue and aparently is quite cheap in america. I wish i could fit into some of the clothes they buy, as they suually go for siz e10 or small's and if you require an other asize you have to order it in. Aimelondon.com is also a fantatic place for parisian chick. I hope to update my look this summer as i looked in y warobe and i have hardly anything!

I noticed i have 2 pairs of brogue heels and loads of dresses that i have not worn. I have been gievn vointage scarfs and jewels from my nan in her will and oi am wearing them eveyrday., orginaly 1950's scarfs and broaches which look amazing with oversized sunglasses and small pumps. My American Apparel skirt came and although tis not wat i expected i hope to wear it soon with bright tights and white plimpsoles but with £800 left till august ui dont exaclty have the funds!!

THE END was amazing. Partying till 4am and then harder all day untill we collapased in a spare function room above the India Arms pub and watched films on the projector. LOVE LONDON TRIPS. PMPY DOES LDN

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