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The End @ London

It is going to be a manic month this month! Everyone is having birthdays; Andy, Marie, Richard, Sam, Howie and some randoms along the way.. Its mental that everyone of our crew gfoes out for peoples birthdays. The next big even it going to be Chew the Fat! In London, the club called The End. A two rail way track turned into a club with breakbeat dj's Stanton Warriors and Plump Dj's to mention a few. ( Listen to 'system addict' by plumps) it will be messy.

Been wearing my black skinny's recently with my black mac coat and ray ban sunnies. Trying to find some of those white pumps on cheap somewhere, moey is dry. Looking for an 8 Bed house for 6 lads me and 2 girls! Will be jokes. Honest truth is, i am not ready to be an adult yet i am only 20. I would love a job on am magazine but i am not ready, i want to party!

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