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Sun and Glasses


(Ray Ban's for 2.50p in Primark. Ok not the real ones, but a good looky-likey.)

As the summer approaches us, i believe that all Primark has to offer is floral print mini skirts and stripe shirt dresses. All fair and well if you are stick thin and 5'8 with legs up to your arm pits. I have opted to wear the stripe dresses with a brown vintage belt and brogue shoes. The majority of clothes in my wardrobe are cardigans and boobtubes which i tend to wear with large necklaces and belts jus because it makes summer so much easier to get to from winter wardrobes. With no money and no income, i have decided that pulling out last years summer wear is going to have to be the best. I have since transformed an old primark paterened boobtube into a skirt, which fits like a glove. Teamed with a black top and my white pumps its funcky retro with a vintage twist.
For more ideas i decided to research up on blogs from the UK which show girls using fashions ideas to save money. I have found a few.
If you know any let me know!

University is almost over now and i am feeling a little worse for wear. I have decided to stay in oortsmouth for another year, signing a contract for an 8 bedroom house this evening. I do not even have an option of what i want to do! I could do a pgce but i dont think i have the qualifications for it!
so here i am asking you if you would help me get a job...preferably in fashion where i can get freebies and where hot mern lay. I am just not ready to be an adult yet, i am only 20!

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