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KT Review // New Music Open Deck

Here is some of the pic's from the KT tUNSTALL gig. it was ok. She is not really my sort of performer, not much happening up on stage but she has an aewsomne voice.
Yesterday the New Music Soc hosted an open dek night at the India Arms which was amazing. I didnt drink and i had one of the best time. Meg and Hollie were doing it for the girls and dj'd some electro and d&b sets. I have decided this summer i am going to learn how to dj. One of many things i wish to do.

Reviewed ther gig and sent it off now tomorrow i am off to see Chew the Fat!
Stanton Warriors, Plump Dj's and more break's to do with youself. Its in london so it will be a wicked road trip!

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Anonymous said...

i love stanton warriors!!