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I got paid yesterday so i tried to (on a budget) find something vintage and alternative to wear tonight and foe my pgce interview on wednesday. Primark was full of people (it was pay day!) and topshop was too expensive. I swear everything is these days... So i went to DP's and found a wicked vest top, black with a sequin zag across the front. I may wear it with skinny jeans and wedges or flat pumps.

I am in LOVE with Sanatgold. I heard her about a year ago on someones myspace ad hwer fashion is amazing. She always wears huge earings withmassive t-shirts and leggins. She is the appitamy of NEW RAVE.
NEW LOOk have some amazing wedges this summer, floral print and red and blue. alo H&M have some awesome black aviator glasses which are 2.99! Thats a bargain, so i suggest you check them out. I have been looking in LOOK! magazine and i noticed Lilly Allens pink jumpsuit and some wicked resses. she is really looking a bit more sophisicated with her new blonde look..



I haver finally finished university! I am what you call a graduate bum, someone who has finished but does not have a clue what to do next. I have some ideas..I have a PGCE inerview this week and i am applying for a magazine journalism course at a college which will give me recognised certificate..I have also emailed local newsapers and work experience at Yours! on the beauty section may look promising..
I have been skint for ages so no new bargains - altho i have got some lush dress off my mate which i dont know what to do with. Its too long so i want to cut off, but hat length?

Went to BENGA dubstep night on saturday it was GRIMY. A basement full of crazy people with no air con. I had to leave to escape outside every 4 minutes it was mental. Nothing comming up for ages untill 6tth where a massive grad party will happen. I have decided i love DUBSTEP and will attempt to find some nights in london or brighton.


Ebay Loving

Today i signed up to Blogflux - an online directory. Its pretty nifty, but for some reason i can not add the tag which they would like me to.
I have been saving my pennies recently as i am so poor, but i have some lush ideas for summer. I have been seeing a lot of floral and tribal prints, but what i really want is a 1950's bathing swimsuit. its so cute and cuture..

Ebay: £17.95
I am gutted i can not buy it online! I have actually fallen in love with this antique 19 centurary bag as well ots priced at £345 so far and is from the USA sounless i win the lottery i wont be getting it. But Warehouse and Claires have some similar bags - i will just have to make do with them.

But not just assesories i have been fallen in love with. I have recently found a dress in my box that i have not seen in ages. It cost me £2 from a charity shop and i have not worn it since last year - its baby blue with white flowers i may have to adjust it and see what i can make out of it this spring.


Graduation Prep

Graduation Gown - :)........

This month has been full of birthdays, Jade my flatmate turned 22 on friday and we celebrated with a dinner at Pizza Express and some drinks back at our flat. It was nice to chat and be civilised instead of getting completely battered and falling around fogetting everything in the morning. Saturday night it was 'jobfest' -(joyce and lobs leaving do) and dave and Jola's brithday party at Havana. It got a little messy, ending in a small gathering till 6am in the morning. But funds are low and i am replacing clothes with internet. I love shopping but have been draining funds from alex, he is a sweetie and i thank him lots.

I am so moody when i am frustrated. I signed up at an agency today for bar work, which will gibve me some pennies untill 17th June when i am working at Ascot. That finished on 21st June and i will be back at uni to mke the most of the 10 days i have left their before i go home. I need to find another job as i dont start camp beaumont untill 23rd july!

I can not even compete in the Miss Student Fiunals in Derby on the 8th because none of my mates can make it so i am missing out on a potential 10k! Nevermind, things happen for a reason!

I am graduating next month and need to order my hat and gownv - which i keep forgetting because i dont own a tape measure!

Caravan Gallery

Two posts in one day. I must be keen, but you see i went to the ARTSPACE GALLERY in Portsmouth on sunday. It was such a lush day, and i went with my mate Alex. We saw lots of modern work by a range of artisist, even a woman who did a piece called 'spike it' where she gave offices in hampshire a spike where they put all their unwanted paper. Simple, but amazing. It makes you realise how much paper people actually waste..

Beautiful Blighty..

One gallery i was impressed with was the Caravan Gallery. It is founded by one woman, Jan Williams who travels the country and takes pictures of 'real britian' Images of chip shops, sea side resorts and even shopping centres in Slough, Braknell and Portsmouth are just some of the places she goes.

It was amazing to see how Britian is actually represented, rather than the tea and cakes that windsor and travel stores likes to show. The exhibition was brilliant!

Do your Bit..

The most amazing shop online EVER!


It is full of vintage clothes, shoes and bags plus more. If you cant afford to buy you can swap items, but it is really annoying i do not have my camera so i can start doing it. It is free to sign up and you can chat about fashion in the forums.

I bought Marie Claire while travelling back to uni last night and i found it very inspiring. It was an issue dedicated to global warming and its amzing how the world will change if the temprature rises by even 3 degrees. London will flood, and we will grow tropical plants in the cities. It is frightening, and even if you cut your shower down to 3minutes you will save 44kg of energy a year!

The idea of plastic bags taking 1,000 years to degrade if also scary. A little town in devon has banned all plastic bags, which i think is amazing. Visit the site here: http://www.plasticbagfree.com/

Also, this amazing guy called Tom promised to give a free pair of shoes to children who need it in countries that are undeveloped, for every pair he sold. So go buy some.


Summer is Here

Summer is finally in Portsmouth! The city looks amazing in the sun, and what a better way to celebrate it with Societries Carnvial. As per usual, New Music Soc ruled the tent with some breaks and some summer tunes in the sun. We drank all day and when the fantatics Caribiean drums came out to end the festivites at 7pm itr was quite emotional, as the sun set we watched local bands and linked arms.

After an amazing time in the day we went to Bar 8 where the NMS made more messyness happen with some dj sets. I have also been tripping to West Wittering. It is the most amazing beach. Its tides go out so far, and the beach is so sandy. It has sand dunes, and when the sun sets is gorgoues. My mate Nick has a boat, and we went out sialing with a few beers and sandwiches.

We only have a month left now, and its frightening to think we will soon be leaving to do our own thing! I am living back in pompey next year in an 8 bed with loads of boys which will be fun. I am considering a PGCE or MA in Marketing (digital media). Hopefully somehwere i will get along with it.