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Caravan Gallery

Two posts in one day. I must be keen, but you see i went to the ARTSPACE GALLERY in Portsmouth on sunday. It was such a lush day, and i went with my mate Alex. We saw lots of modern work by a range of artisist, even a woman who did a piece called 'spike it' where she gave offices in hampshire a spike where they put all their unwanted paper. Simple, but amazing. It makes you realise how much paper people actually waste..

Beautiful Blighty..

One gallery i was impressed with was the Caravan Gallery. It is founded by one woman, Jan Williams who travels the country and takes pictures of 'real britian' Images of chip shops, sea side resorts and even shopping centres in Slough, Braknell and Portsmouth are just some of the places she goes.

It was amazing to see how Britian is actually represented, rather than the tea and cakes that windsor and travel stores likes to show. The exhibition was brilliant!

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