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The most amazing shop online EVER!


It is full of vintage clothes, shoes and bags plus more. If you cant afford to buy you can swap items, but it is really annoying i do not have my camera so i can start doing it. It is free to sign up and you can chat about fashion in the forums.

I bought Marie Claire while travelling back to uni last night and i found it very inspiring. It was an issue dedicated to global warming and its amzing how the world will change if the temprature rises by even 3 degrees. London will flood, and we will grow tropical plants in the cities. It is frightening, and even if you cut your shower down to 3minutes you will save 44kg of energy a year!

The idea of plastic bags taking 1,000 years to degrade if also scary. A little town in devon has banned all plastic bags, which i think is amazing. Visit the site here: http://www.plasticbagfree.com/

Also, this amazing guy called Tom promised to give a free pair of shoes to children who need it in countries that are undeveloped, for every pair he sold. So go buy some.

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