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I haver finally finished university! I am what you call a graduate bum, someone who has finished but does not have a clue what to do next. I have some ideas..I have a PGCE inerview this week and i am applying for a magazine journalism course at a college which will give me recognised certificate..I have also emailed local newsapers and work experience at Yours! on the beauty section may look promising..
I have been skint for ages so no new bargains - altho i have got some lush dress off my mate which i dont know what to do with. Its too long so i want to cut off, but hat length?

Went to BENGA dubstep night on saturday it was GRIMY. A basement full of crazy people with no air con. I had to leave to escape outside every 4 minutes it was mental. Nothing comming up for ages untill 6tth where a massive grad party will happen. I have decided i love DUBSTEP and will attempt to find some nights in london or brighton.

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