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Ebay Loving

Today i signed up to Blogflux - an online directory. Its pretty nifty, but for some reason i can not add the tag which they would like me to.
I have been saving my pennies recently as i am so poor, but i have some lush ideas for summer. I have been seeing a lot of floral and tribal prints, but what i really want is a 1950's bathing swimsuit. its so cute and cuture..

Ebay: £17.95
I am gutted i can not buy it online! I have actually fallen in love with this antique 19 centurary bag as well ots priced at £345 so far and is from the USA sounless i win the lottery i wont be getting it. But Warehouse and Claires have some similar bags - i will just have to make do with them.

But not just assesories i have been fallen in love with. I have recently found a dress in my box that i have not seen in ages. It cost me £2 from a charity shop and i have not worn it since last year - its baby blue with white flowers i may have to adjust it and see what i can make out of it this spring.

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