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Graduation Prep

Graduation Gown - :)........

This month has been full of birthdays, Jade my flatmate turned 22 on friday and we celebrated with a dinner at Pizza Express and some drinks back at our flat. It was nice to chat and be civilised instead of getting completely battered and falling around fogetting everything in the morning. Saturday night it was 'jobfest' -(joyce and lobs leaving do) and dave and Jola's brithday party at Havana. It got a little messy, ending in a small gathering till 6am in the morning. But funds are low and i am replacing clothes with internet. I love shopping but have been draining funds from alex, he is a sweetie and i thank him lots.

I am so moody when i am frustrated. I signed up at an agency today for bar work, which will gibve me some pennies untill 17th June when i am working at Ascot. That finished on 21st June and i will be back at uni to mke the most of the 10 days i have left their before i go home. I need to find another job as i dont start camp beaumont untill 23rd july!

I can not even compete in the Miss Student Fiunals in Derby on the 8th because none of my mates can make it so i am missing out on a potential 10k! Nevermind, things happen for a reason!

I am graduating next month and need to order my hat and gownv - which i keep forgetting because i dont own a tape measure!

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