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I got paid yesterday so i tried to (on a budget) find something vintage and alternative to wear tonight and foe my pgce interview on wednesday. Primark was full of people (it was pay day!) and topshop was too expensive. I swear everything is these days... So i went to DP's and found a wicked vest top, black with a sequin zag across the front. I may wear it with skinny jeans and wedges or flat pumps.

I am in LOVE with Sanatgold. I heard her about a year ago on someones myspace ad hwer fashion is amazing. She always wears huge earings withmassive t-shirts and leggins. She is the appitamy of NEW RAVE.
NEW LOOk have some amazing wedges this summer, floral print and red and blue. alo H&M have some awesome black aviator glasses which are 2.99! Thats a bargain, so i suggest you check them out. I have been looking in LOOK! magazine and i noticed Lilly Allens pink jumpsuit and some wicked resses. she is really looking a bit more sophisicated with her new blonde look..

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