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Summer is Here

Summer is finally in Portsmouth! The city looks amazing in the sun, and what a better way to celebrate it with Societries Carnvial. As per usual, New Music Soc ruled the tent with some breaks and some summer tunes in the sun. We drank all day and when the fantatics Caribiean drums came out to end the festivites at 7pm itr was quite emotional, as the sun set we watched local bands and linked arms.

After an amazing time in the day we went to Bar 8 where the NMS made more messyness happen with some dj sets. I have also been tripping to West Wittering. It is the most amazing beach. Its tides go out so far, and the beach is so sandy. It has sand dunes, and when the sun sets is gorgoues. My mate Nick has a boat, and we went out sialing with a few beers and sandwiches.

We only have a month left now, and its frightening to think we will soon be leaving to do our own thing! I am living back in pompey next year in an 8 bed with loads of boys which will be fun. I am considering a PGCE or MA in Marketing (digital media). Hopefully somehwere i will get along with it.

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