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The Secret

The secret - it might actually change your life.


Wactch it on YOUTUBE.COM i have found it hard to upload video's for some reason. I love it, its all about poisitve thinking and the rules of attraction. It sounds so simple when you waqtch it. or go to thesecret.tv that is also a good website which tells you more! I am trrying to be a bit more positve as its summer and i need money. Bring it on..


Art & Fashion

I have finally finished my art work for the art exhibition on saturday! I dropped it back at uni, and ruth loved it.The Painted poppy's reflect the time of 1939, when Iris, the lady i interviewed got married. She also loved to do cross stitching and painting of flowers, so i also stiched a few poppy's and influenced paint by numbers as well. The poem i wriote on it, u cant see but its about the vineyard she used to grow in her first house. I am quite pleased with it!

I got these glases the other day, £2 primark. I love them! I also love the scarf which my grandmmother gave me to me before she passed away, everyone comments on it,but its a mone of a kind from the 1970's.

dres: £8 primark bagrgainage.

I am getting a little bored at home. I have been applying for jobs, which are temp because i start camp in a month. I thouht i would be earning loads of money, as i need t becausde the bank has been charging me for direct debits unable to come out. which i swore i cancelled! So i am mega poor. I applied for a job as a nanny on a boat in the mediteranian, £350 a week to look after a 6 year old. AMAZING!



At the moment i am really interested in the techno - trashy look. (Crystal castles) you could say its 'NU-RAVE' but i think KESH has a totally different approach to it. I of course till love my vintage, i could never replace that. She mainly deals with mens clothes, b ut i think her style is amazing.
ZEZI from Big Brothers Little Brother is mates with KESH ands often parties with her, i love her style too. It incorporates 'chav' with 'nu-rave'. I love it.

I need to set up my ebay account, i have so many clothes i want to get rid off. I have lost my denim jacket so want to buy another one ASAp as it goes with EVERYTHING. I have lots of dresses and tops to sell..i will keep you posted. Meanwhile i had a flatparty lastnight. It was jokes. everyone got messy, i was in bed by 5am though as i had a headache.

I will post pics of the work for the art exhibition by thursday ( borrowing the mothers cam!)


Royal Ascot & Vivien Westwood

All week i have been working Royal Ascot, in he Royal enclosure. It sounds posh, but really all you have to do is write to the palace and request a place...

The queen looked lovely everyday, she wore royal blue on two occasions. I had been working 7am - 8pm, getting up at 5am each day. I am so shattered now. Alex worked with me bless him, but he was on the burger grill.
On the Royal TV they showed Viviene Westwoods' news collection. It is amazing! She has gone for the medievil look in a range of earthly colours. The moedls she used were gorgeous too, but at the prices of her dresses it was way too expensive for me. To watch the fashion show and dine at Ascot is cost £1,400. Thats not including drinks. To hire a box oiut for the day, it was £6,000. I saw Simon Cowell briefly and Micheal Owen. Thats it really.

Phillip Treacy designed loads of headwear for us to oogle at. He launched his new collection at ascot. Treacy is the man who made that carrie headwear for the SATC Premier. The amount of time it must have taken for the hats to be made. I would look ridiculous in one, but i just love the ideas he showed. I found 1920's style was frequent at the Races. Lots of lace gloves sported with fur hackets and bright red lipstick. Pale skin was also very popular. It seemed a lot of younger race goers came thsi year, all in style. More personal pictures comming soon of my recent finds, i have just broken my camera. Call it being drunk and disordely.


Brighton Rays

I went to Primakr today and got these sexy glasses. £2 is a bargain, so i bought 2! One in black and one in a zebra print. They have red, but i have already got red ray-ban style. I picked up a cute pink cardigan, so that i could wear it with denim shorts when the weather is nice.
I have been painting today, mainly poppy's on a canvas for the art exhibition on the 26th. It took me 4 hours to paint 4 popopy's in detial, i am so proud!
I have hardly anymoney, but i am working at Royal Ascot this week. Aparently they have told visitors a code of conduct of how to dress. No tan, no strapless dresses and wear knickers! I think its hilarious. I went to Brighton yesterday for the London to Brighton bike ride, and there are so many cool people there. 'legends' the 24 hour gay bart sported some sexy men wearing nothing but white t-shirts with leggins and massive rays. I love how they dont give a shit when it comes to fashion. I wish i could live there permanantly!


Barry M no.62

Barry M, I love it. I have alwasy wanted real RED or Pink lips but never found the right colour. It was only when i was at a recent fashion show at uni that a girl told me Barry M no.62 is the perfect pink! It is so bright, it looks a bit like a prostittue color, and a bit loud but thats the point. barry M takes make up to the next level. With my (hopefully soon) white blonde hair and pink lips i think malibu barbie will be suing me.. (http://www.barrym.co.uk/)

I really want to take on the 1940's look at the moment. Bright lips, one colour hair and a lot of fur and heels. I have recently aquaried a fur coat from a party (fake!) all i need is to collect my brougue heels and i think i will have it topped.I would absolutley love to look so demure.


I am in Love with her...

So the girls decided to go see Sex and the City on wednesday, the last union night of the yeaR. We loved the film it really made me realise how realistic kristin and sarah are at acting. I cried and laughed, and gased everytime i saw carrie walk from the wardrobe. I fell in love with her all over again, not to mention Big. The dresss above is amazing, all her ourfits were. I think i have found my calling.

The union was packed, and emotional, they played all the cheese uni tunes. Friday was the last rubber dub and was emotional too. i partied untill 9am the next morning, had 2 hours sleep and spent my last day with alex watching boats and eating pig sweets.

What is the name of the designer of this dress??


End of the Road

4 days left! Thats all i have left here in suny Portsmouth. I will be leavingsat, to return home an find a job that will keep my mind off all things, work and alex related. I have had my PGCE interview and it went ok. i just dont know if i am ready to be a teacher and subject myself to 6 days a week working, 12 hour days an unimited marking. I shoud be traveling the world... I suppose i could do it and rturn to teach after the year away.. But you get 4k for going straight into teaching. I dont know, i need some help.