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Art & Fashion

I have finally finished my art work for the art exhibition on saturday! I dropped it back at uni, and ruth loved it.The Painted poppy's reflect the time of 1939, when Iris, the lady i interviewed got married. She also loved to do cross stitching and painting of flowers, so i also stiched a few poppy's and influenced paint by numbers as well. The poem i wriote on it, u cant see but its about the vineyard she used to grow in her first house. I am quite pleased with it!

I got these glases the other day, £2 primark. I love them! I also love the scarf which my grandmmother gave me to me before she passed away, everyone comments on it,but its a mone of a kind from the 1970's.

dres: £8 primark bagrgainage.

I am getting a little bored at home. I have been applying for jobs, which are temp because i start camp in a month. I thouht i would be earning loads of money, as i need t becausde the bank has been charging me for direct debits unable to come out. which i swore i cancelled! So i am mega poor. I applied for a job as a nanny on a boat in the mediteranian, £350 a week to look after a 6 year old. AMAZING!

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