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Brighton Rays

I went to Primakr today and got these sexy glasses. £2 is a bargain, so i bought 2! One in black and one in a zebra print. They have red, but i have already got red ray-ban style. I picked up a cute pink cardigan, so that i could wear it with denim shorts when the weather is nice.
I have been painting today, mainly poppy's on a canvas for the art exhibition on the 26th. It took me 4 hours to paint 4 popopy's in detial, i am so proud!
I have hardly anymoney, but i am working at Royal Ascot this week. Aparently they have told visitors a code of conduct of how to dress. No tan, no strapless dresses and wear knickers! I think its hilarious. I went to Brighton yesterday for the London to Brighton bike ride, and there are so many cool people there. 'legends' the 24 hour gay bart sported some sexy men wearing nothing but white t-shirts with leggins and massive rays. I love how they dont give a shit when it comes to fashion. I wish i could live there permanantly!

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