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At the moment i am really interested in the techno - trashy look. (Crystal castles) you could say its 'NU-RAVE' but i think KESH has a totally different approach to it. I of course till love my vintage, i could never replace that. She mainly deals with mens clothes, b ut i think her style is amazing.
ZEZI from Big Brothers Little Brother is mates with KESH ands often parties with her, i love her style too. It incorporates 'chav' with 'nu-rave'. I love it.

I need to set up my ebay account, i have so many clothes i want to get rid off. I have lost my denim jacket so want to buy another one ASAp as it goes with EVERYTHING. I have lots of dresses and tops to sell..i will keep you posted. Meanwhile i had a flatparty lastnight. It was jokes. everyone got messy, i was in bed by 5am though as i had a headache.

I will post pics of the work for the art exhibition by thursday ( borrowing the mothers cam!)


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Beautiful ! Love some vintage and some vintage sunglasses!