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Royal Ascot & Vivien Westwood

All week i have been working Royal Ascot, in he Royal enclosure. It sounds posh, but really all you have to do is write to the palace and request a place...

The queen looked lovely everyday, she wore royal blue on two occasions. I had been working 7am - 8pm, getting up at 5am each day. I am so shattered now. Alex worked with me bless him, but he was on the burger grill.
On the Royal TV they showed Viviene Westwoods' news collection. It is amazing! She has gone for the medievil look in a range of earthly colours. The moedls she used were gorgeous too, but at the prices of her dresses it was way too expensive for me. To watch the fashion show and dine at Ascot is cost £1,400. Thats not including drinks. To hire a box oiut for the day, it was £6,000. I saw Simon Cowell briefly and Micheal Owen. Thats it really.

Phillip Treacy designed loads of headwear for us to oogle at. He launched his new collection at ascot. Treacy is the man who made that carrie headwear for the SATC Premier. The amount of time it must have taken for the hats to be made. I would look ridiculous in one, but i just love the ideas he showed. I found 1920's style was frequent at the Races. Lots of lace gloves sported with fur hackets and bright red lipstick. Pale skin was also very popular. It seemed a lot of younger race goers came thsi year, all in style. More personal pictures comming soon of my recent finds, i have just broken my camera. Call it being drunk and disordely.

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