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I started at camp Beaumont this week! I am alreadyb shattered, leaving the house at 7am to drive to Ascit for 8am. I have 4 weeks left, its been so hot so its not to bad. My boyfriend Alex worked for one week, they were short to i volunteered. Turned out he was better than me! Slightly jealous...
I have not been ponline for ages as i have been so busy so not bought anything new. did buy one top from New Look last bfriday which i wore to london. Stripes with a bow i wore loads of fake tan and bangles so ended up looking like a biscuit

I went to a farm in Croydon last tuesaday to visit charlotte my uni friend. It was £3 to get in and you could ffeed the goatsa. They were terrifying! I got headbutted by one billy goats gruff and a cow nearly ate my hand.
Camp is goiong to be my main prioroty this summer. I have not found a house for next year yet but hopefully the girl Cazatron can sort something out. As for now, i am behind opn all things fashion and gossip so fill me in.

I graduated last wednesday, here i am looking so lovely in my purple cloak. OI have not rewcived my final grade yet but i think i have an idea. Hopefully a 2:2!!

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