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Post break-up hair.

Gone is the blonde and in is the red-brown darkness! I have opted for a post-breakup change. You know how it is, change your hair ( "wash that man right out of my hair"...) and a sunbed -not for his purpose fut for me to feel good. When you realise you are not 'Fancyable' anymore, makes you think..whats wrong with me?
Anyway My art exhibition went well, and so far summer is boring. Got a job interview for my lesiure centre on thursday, missed myNEXT interview today because of crying blues. But i will be on top form again soon. Been ice skating quoite a lot recently, will perfect it soon enough i am sure. Even if it is on my ones. Not much money to bguy anything this week, but i am off to London on fridaynight for a mates 21st, so it means new clobber. Stay tuned!

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NO-BIZZI said...

Get a skin head!

That will mess everyone up!