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21 years Young

Notting Hill Carnival was amazing! I went down with 2 girl mates from uni, and i cant even describe how amazing the vibe was. We just turned down strret's and were met with thousands of people dancing to dancehall, garage and raggae. At one point we were so crushed i was grinding with about 7 people. The food was lush, and the parade was quality. Out of 1Million people i saw a mate from uni, Ben. Just standing behind me watching the parade.. I want to go next year and make a full day of it. i was only there a few hours, and without a camera, i have to survice with google images of the day!
My Birthday was yesterday. I am no 21, offically able to hire a car in another country and now offically an adult. Its a scary through, especially when i thought by 21 (while i was at the age oif 16) i would have everything i ever wanted. Job, car, money, someone i love. But in reality i am still broke, just been dumped and now starting a new career in teaching. My birthday was ok, as my friends tried to make the effortt but when you are told you are 'too fat' and 'i just dont fancy you anymore' - it kind of brings a downer on things, especially from someone you care about.
So single, and free. I have my sewing mahcine, and Bestival is in a few days. I am making my costume now and thanks to a great 50p dress from oxfam, i have made an amazing cushion cover for my new house!

The buttons i used for my grey cardigan ( trhe same as a £30 one in Miss Selfidge)

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