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Carcrashing and Carnival

I am addicted to Fabric Paints. I bourght some 90's style high top gym shoes from primark for £6 and blue, gold and pint paint and now they look retro! The dye cost me £6 and now i have some ace traieners that no one else has. I also used the pink and gold to make alex a t-shirt which represented 'globalisation' and where he was from. It was just cirlces and lines but it looked wicked. I am egtting a sewing machine for myu brithday which means i can start altering jeans, and dresses that i dont wear because they are out of fashion. I have a gret cardigan which i got for £4 and i am taking the grey plastic buttons off and replacing with gold vintage ones which cost me £1.40 from a fabric shop. It will then look like a £30 one which is going for sale in Miss Selfridge.
Most people are going CARNIVAL this bank holiday weekend. I would love too, but i am going to reading to spend some time with my girl mates. Alex told me all about it and wat goes on, it sounds amazing. I wanted to go to Nottinghill Carnvial on my birthday a few years ago but enver did. I wish i could it looks amazing...

I also had a car crash on wednesday which i wrote my car off in. It was pretty bad, had to cliimb through window to get out, head on collioson.
I cant wait for uni to start again, i feel it is putting a strain on my relationship not only with alex but my family. I need my own space, and i need my own freedom to do what i want when i want. I hate that i have to arrange to see my own boyfriend, it looses the romance in things.

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