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Mega Man

Bestival 2008

I am into my secodn day as a Trainee teacher, and all is hectic. I have realised i do not have a social life anymore and seeing all the freshers getting pissed and falluing over midweek is making me depressed. Thank god i live with other 3rd years who are little more mature and think its all about living for the weekends.

The course is mental. 9-4/30 everyday of learning random stuff for prepapration. Then i have placement in 2 weeks time, This is going to be a 6 month hectic schedule of drama and frustration. But i wouldnt want to be anywhere else.
I have paid out so much rubbish, i thught i would have so much more money to be spending on clothes - i have realised my wardrope is pre 2008 and i need to stock up on more outfits. I dont even know when i will have time. I will be joining the gym though soon which will be jokes - i want to prove to the man of ATK i can me a mega.
It was I LOVE ALBERT ROAD DAY on sunday. I was in bed by 9pm as i was pretty pissed. Carnival atmopshere topped off with sunlight was amazing
Hair extensions are going in tonight - wooooo bring on the barbie.

RUBBERDUB is starting on friday. This is the NEWMUSIC SOCIETY's night they put on. check the flyer - its boom.


Lu & MI

Who would have thought that Luella Bartley used M.I.A as inspiration for her 08 collection?

72 Harold Road

I am in my lush house. Been in for about a week so far, and caz's room is massive, the loft conversion!
Its loan day monday so i think i will be buying myself some MAC make up as its becomming rations....and Jeffery Star sells it.
I am also going to be booking some flights for Amsterdam for innovation in the dam!! lots of drum and bass!
My loan i am excited about. I should get 1200 on friday and 600 at the end of every month. So lots of shoes... Our house is lush - i love my room its airy!



Good times..


I managed to sign myself up for a BlackBerry Phone this week. I really wanted the massive one but they only had a Pearl left. £45 a month seems a lot, but i get Unlimited internet, calls and texts anywhere anytime. So it helps when i start my new course and i can check my mails when i am teaching. It has everything and it is so hard to work!!

My house is still not sorted! I need to move in on monday - referencing with agents takes so long. I am also broke, which is a pain as i need a lot fo new stuff for the house like bedding and things to make it pretty.

I made an awesome top the other day. I saw a navy t-shirt with gold sailor buttons in Topshop ofr £20 - i found exactly the same buttons in a Chairty shop for 50p, and sewed three down the middle on each side, onto a £4 top from New Look. It looks wicked!
I also found an Army coat with Danish basged sewn on the arm for £1!¬ What a bargain. My sewing machine is coming in well...


New Icon

Lykke Li - Check her out. She is amazing, the acoustic version of 'Little Bit' Blew me away...

Caught her at Bestival.


Motel Rocks!

Motelrocks.com =£39

I found an amazing site. Call me slow, but i have only just realised the love ot Motelrocks.com. I have

I am in love with this dress. I am not too sure on the belt, but the fit is lush. There are loads of retro funky things on there, and at £39 its not too bad.

I have been saving my £££ recently asnd opting for Charity stores. I went into one today and found an old army coat for £1 with sialor buttons for 50p. I think it would of looked wicked with some knee high boots and a pair of shorts and a white v-top but i left it by...


Bestival was a muddy, but gorgeous time. I happened to survive the winds, rain and slosh for 5 days, but i think being with 30 of my friends helped a lot. We managed to all camp together, we had our own little village with the NMS flag blowing 'GIVE US A GIBBA!' - I only managed to see 12 acts including Roni Size, A-skills, Dj Yoda, Roots Manuva, Underworld, Jon Hopkins, Amy Winehouse, Pendulum, Benga, Chase and Status, Santogold, Aphex Twin and a few more which i couldnt really get into see. The festival itself was full of little tents selling tea and cakes, little trinkets. It was better than Reading or Leeds because the crowd was more mature and eveyrthing was more pasive. The woodland was lit up with lights and with the soun of music, but to be fair i was pretty wasted to remember much!

We all dressed as penguins, although i lost my costume 1 hour in! Taking me 6 hours to make...not cool..

Altho the Sunday Times Style section took my picture of me, which i was flattered about! Saw Nikita Olivia, she looked wicked too.