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I managed to sign myself up for a BlackBerry Phone this week. I really wanted the massive one but they only had a Pearl left. £45 a month seems a lot, but i get Unlimited internet, calls and texts anywhere anytime. So it helps when i start my new course and i can check my mails when i am teaching. It has everything and it is so hard to work!!

My house is still not sorted! I need to move in on monday - referencing with agents takes so long. I am also broke, which is a pain as i need a lot fo new stuff for the house like bedding and things to make it pretty.

I made an awesome top the other day. I saw a navy t-shirt with gold sailor buttons in Topshop ofr £20 - i found exactly the same buttons in a Chairty shop for 50p, and sewed three down the middle on each side, onto a £4 top from New Look. It looks wicked!
I also found an Army coat with Danish basged sewn on the arm for £1!¬ What a bargain. My sewing machine is coming in well...

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