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Mega Man

Bestival 2008

I am into my secodn day as a Trainee teacher, and all is hectic. I have realised i do not have a social life anymore and seeing all the freshers getting pissed and falluing over midweek is making me depressed. Thank god i live with other 3rd years who are little more mature and think its all about living for the weekends.

The course is mental. 9-4/30 everyday of learning random stuff for prepapration. Then i have placement in 2 weeks time, This is going to be a 6 month hectic schedule of drama and frustration. But i wouldnt want to be anywhere else.
I have paid out so much rubbish, i thught i would have so much more money to be spending on clothes - i have realised my wardrope is pre 2008 and i need to stock up on more outfits. I dont even know when i will have time. I will be joining the gym though soon which will be jokes - i want to prove to the man of ATK i can me a mega.
It was I LOVE ALBERT ROAD DAY on sunday. I was in bed by 9pm as i was pretty pissed. Carnival atmopshere topped off with sunlight was amazing
Hair extensions are going in tonight - wooooo bring on the barbie.

RUBBERDUB is starting on friday. This is the NEWMUSIC SOCIETY's night they put on. check the flyer - its boom.

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