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I have decided on my halloween outfit at precisley 18.14pm. I am leaving to go to the party about 11pm, but i am tempted to go to Little Jonny Russels beforehand, as yesterday while i went out with the girls i saw what could only be described as the love of my life. He was wearing a tartan jacket, skinny jeans, pointy brogue shoes and had an amazing array of facial hair which would shock anyone. It was so neat and his chisled face kept looking over at me while i tried to concentrate on my moves. He was my Cinderella of the evening and io lost him, only to find him today in the fancy dress shop while i looked BUTTERS!!!

Anyway i will keep you posted. I have decided on Hair extensions which i need to put in, and long white socks over the knees with black lips and plaited hair. Hopefully this will look more cute than horrid.



Pure Joy - sporting my MAC bike wile in LedespleƩin
We lived in zone 4...about 20 miles away from all existance.

The amount of steak and chinese houses that we were tempted to go into..no wonder i put on about 6 stone.

I For some reason have been making about 6 posts in one day! this is due to University computers hating the fact i would rather be on Blogger.com than iamgoingtofinishmypgce.com. I have been checking up on easyjet.com and am contemplating a trip to Amsterdam again in December. My Bursery will be saving me obviously, but i wish i could go now. Last time i went i was overshadowed by the sweet smell of MJ and could not focus on much else. I want to check out the galleries and the banks and not just the coffeee shops...


I have just realised my pennies are low. I need a new camera preferably a Samsung 10MP or i could just get some polaroid paper and use my old skool.

Also, i came across my decorating skills on BookFace. I am going to bake some halloween cupcakes this evening, if my bank account will let me.

Cyril Sneer.

Candyman (1992) Was one of the only films which made my eyes water. I watched it for the first time all the way through on Tuesday with Andy, and oncve again i shit myself.

I thought maybe going as a Haloween legend, but decided on this:

Cyril Sneer from the Racoons. Does anyone remember this?


Post Cards

Portraits of my friends and i taken for a university project by fantastic photographer Andy Donohoe.

Copyright: Andy Donohoe

Chocolate Echoes

I went charity shopping today and picked up some amazing products! I have barely any money which is stressing me out because i got declined in Levis and Fred Perry in a sale...how embaressing? I also lost my fave Ray Bans and can not find an alternative. I did get a lovely leather vintage school bag for my teaching today for £3 and a 1970's bed sheet which i am tempted to make into a bag...

I have been out for the last time in a while. Tiger Tiger was wicked on monday, after 11 doubles it was time to call it a day. MicheƩl the spanish guy i really think is hot has blown me off...ahhhhhhhhhhhh. He was a MEGA. i HAVE ALSO been going to the gym everyday in the morning for a good hour running a lot. Swimming is also amazing i forgot how much it works your body. Getting up in the morning is hard but it will be worth it in the end.



Nikki and Nikki - Vivienne Westwood and Henry Hollands up and comming's.
Henry Holland - The Mega.


So Niki worked at LDN Fashion Week and here are some snaps.
Copyright for Sherry Godfrey who also worked at LDN fashion week and managed to get some snaps.



Fabric was amazing, although 4 of my friends got pick pocketed, phones and purses stolen. Its a shame, as it was such a good night. We got the coach at 7.30pm and arrived at 11pm fully ready to go. We left at 6am and didnt get back to portsmouth untill 9am! so slept all day saturday and today i feel refreshed so may venture outside the house.
Fabric was amazing, the sound system was magnificent and the lights were facinating. I am deffinately going again!
I wore a bumbag and i think it saved mylife. I lost my white Ray Bans though which pissed me off. Has anyone else been to fabric?



Friday is almost near, and i am so excited. I regret to inform my Pa:Nuu idea didnt go to plan, but caz myh flatmate bought a wicked pa:nuu jumper and tshirt which she will be sporting at Fabric Tomorrow. It will be immense, i am so excited. I bought a bum bag (fanny pack) so its easier when i am being pushed side to side in the club...its going to be that busy i thinks..

Here is te line up in case you guys decide to come on down...

£9 on the door with NUS. We are having a coach trip from Portsmouth, it shall be treats.

Room One:'


Stanton Warriors

Drop The Lime


Sick Rick


London Elektricity

High Contrast



Danny Byrd


Dynamite MC, Wrec,

SP:MC & Ruthless


Lomo Camera

Caz has just got this amazing camera. Its a Lomo camera and i want one.



I have found a new addiction. While searching the rails in TK max i came across PA:NUU a lush new rave, but with some feminine touches. I am in love with a hooded top which i want to wear to Fabric on friday - With my white Ray Bans. Pa:Nuu have made a collection for Topshop which is weird because i didnt think Topshop was into the new rave idea. I like it though but its expensive, £60 for a cotton top! But in Tk Maxx its only £20...

I have been spending a lot recently, so i will be glued to my computer for the next week to save pennies. We are all getting a coach down to London so we can all have banter on the ride back!

Last night i was in bed by 2am, my mates all came round till 7am but i was too shattered, so tonight i will be making i tup to them and cycling around with my new basket!



Chloe's Spring collection 2009, has inspired me to bin the pink and red lip sticks for the Adams Family Valued, Black and Dark Red. Although it is a big step, Daisy Lowe and Lilly Allen both have pulled it off.


Felle Felle

So this week has been a hectic one, but it has not styopped me going out with the house and causing havoc. I went out Monday, Tues, Thursday and Friday, not to mention Sat and then back on it Monday and Last night. Breakneck was full of laughs, although i had a 9am teaching practice today and got in at 6am! It was hard, and reminded me that i am not 18 anymore (21 is so old..) and cant assume i can do an all nighter!
Me and Hardip have decided fur is best. I stole this cream coat from a house party, its topshop size 10 which is 4 sizes too small i swear, but it looks fit.
My hair extensions are getting a bit matty, and now i have decided i want to look like Roxanne Mckee ( Louise from hollyoaks) i want a new wardrobe...
Nothing is jumping out at me at the moment except for a denim jacket i got for £3 in a chrity shop and a petticoat i use as a dress which is £1.25
M.IA. is someone i want to dress like., extreme but i love it. I have no pennies so right nw i am pulling out all the stops for bargain fashion!!!


new tings

This is frenchy

This is Spencer!

This is Andy ( on the left in green)

This is Hardip!

This is Caz!


I have hair extensions, they are a good match which is good - They cost a cheap £28 for a whole head and they look cool - not many pics at the moment, but this was on our first night back to uni which was the big one!