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Pure Joy - sporting my MAC bike wile in Ledespleéin
We lived in zone 4...about 20 miles away from all existance.

The amount of steak and chinese houses that we were tempted to go into..no wonder i put on about 6 stone.

I For some reason have been making about 6 posts in one day! this is due to University computers hating the fact i would rather be on Blogger.com than iamgoingtofinishmypgce.com. I have been checking up on easyjet.com and am contemplating a trip to Amsterdam again in December. My Bursery will be saving me obviously, but i wish i could go now. Last time i went i was overshadowed by the sweet smell of MJ and could not focus on much else. I want to check out the galleries and the banks and not just the coffeee shops...

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