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Chocolate Echoes

I went charity shopping today and picked up some amazing products! I have barely any money which is stressing me out because i got declined in Levis and Fred Perry in a sale...how embaressing? I also lost my fave Ray Bans and can not find an alternative. I did get a lovely leather vintage school bag for my teaching today for £3 and a 1970's bed sheet which i am tempted to make into a bag...

I have been out for the last time in a while. Tiger Tiger was wicked on monday, after 11 doubles it was time to call it a day. MicheƩl the spanish guy i really think is hot has blown me off...ahhhhhhhhhhhh. He was a MEGA. i HAVE ALSO been going to the gym everyday in the morning for a good hour running a lot. Swimming is also amazing i forgot how much it works your body. Getting up in the morning is hard but it will be worth it in the end.

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