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Felle Felle

So this week has been a hectic one, but it has not styopped me going out with the house and causing havoc. I went out Monday, Tues, Thursday and Friday, not to mention Sat and then back on it Monday and Last night. Breakneck was full of laughs, although i had a 9am teaching practice today and got in at 6am! It was hard, and reminded me that i am not 18 anymore (21 is so old..) and cant assume i can do an all nighter!
Me and Hardip have decided fur is best. I stole this cream coat from a house party, its topshop size 10 which is 4 sizes too small i swear, but it looks fit.
My hair extensions are getting a bit matty, and now i have decided i want to look like Roxanne Mckee ( Louise from hollyoaks) i want a new wardrobe...
Nothing is jumping out at me at the moment except for a denim jacket i got for £3 in a chrity shop and a petticoat i use as a dress which is £1.25
M.IA. is someone i want to dress like., extreme but i love it. I have no pennies so right nw i am pulling out all the stops for bargain fashion!!!

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