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I have found a new addiction. While searching the rails in TK max i came across PA:NUU a lush new rave, but with some feminine touches. I am in love with a hooded top which i want to wear to Fabric on friday - With my white Ray Bans. Pa:Nuu have made a collection for Topshop which is weird because i didnt think Topshop was into the new rave idea. I like it though but its expensive, £60 for a cotton top! But in Tk Maxx its only £20...

I have been spending a lot recently, so i will be glued to my computer for the next week to save pennies. We are all getting a coach down to London so we can all have banter on the ride back!

Last night i was in bed by 2am, my mates all came round till 7am but i was too shattered, so tonight i will be making i tup to them and cycling around with my new basket!

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