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I have decided on my halloween outfit at precisley 18.14pm. I am leaving to go to the party about 11pm, but i am tempted to go to Little Jonny Russels beforehand, as yesterday while i went out with the girls i saw what could only be described as the love of my life. He was wearing a tartan jacket, skinny jeans, pointy brogue shoes and had an amazing array of facial hair which would shock anyone. It was so neat and his chisled face kept looking over at me while i tried to concentrate on my moves. He was my Cinderella of the evening and io lost him, only to find him today in the fancy dress shop while i looked BUTTERS!!!

Anyway i will keep you posted. I have decided on Hair extensions which i need to put in, and long white socks over the knees with black lips and plaited hair. Hopefully this will look more cute than horrid.

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