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Ok so today i had a massive clearout, not only did i find the pair of shoes i have not seen for 2 months behind my desk, but i also found my tweezers! Being a girl and not having tweezers is stressful. I am one of these people that pluck and pluck and still look like a monobrow georgraphy teacher.
My boots from ebay came today and so did this beauty...

I have a lot fo work to do. I need to remove the shoulder pads, and sort out a few sequins but its a find! It cost me £12 but i dont mind, as christmas time makes sequin outfits increase by 75%, so it would of been £30 if i got it in Topshop.

I am still in my woe. I need to take my mind of being a depressed beaver and sort out somethings i have not been able to do. I am looking forward to going out tomorrow for Armen's brithday, we are hopefully going to get pissed and fucked up so i can forget about other stuff.
And in Todays news...(The Guardian.co.uk is my life saver...) Prince, aka PURPLE RAIN, has admitted saying that he thinks gay marriage is wrong. I think he is WRONG. what is that?

I have also been sent one of those annoying long email things where there are like 50 questions about you. I find ti intriguing to answer, but do readers really want to know the ins and outs of everything, down to the ast piss i took? I would anyway, i mean i stalk so many blogs and finding out about what people ate in the day excites me. Call me a depressed loner in my room, but small things excite me. Just like FEAST icecreams.I know its November, but i have been craving Dairy Queen. Not only is it 50,000 miles away but look at these delights - this makes me smile on the dakr winter nights.

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