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This past week has been a bit hectic. I have been working 9-4 at college but its npot just the working that is tiring me out. I wake at 6.30am and by time i have ridden to the Hover and made my way to the Ise Of Wight its 8.30, and i dont get to college till 9! Its long but its what i need to do. I am meant to be teaching 3 hours a week next week but it seems bTEC media doesnt have much of a syllabus.

We had a major party on friday. It went on till 7am untill the police decided to ruin our fun. Caz's attic room looked amazing all kitted out. I dont think anyonme has seen the house. Here are some pictures from when we first moved in.

This is caz's room in the photo. It is an amazing loft coversion.

Good news! Hardip is getting a new camera so i can have hers, meaning more pictures!

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