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So placement is going ok, i am facilitating teaching sessions and learning more about adobe programmes every day. I find it hard coming from an A Level backround in Media to BTEC, which is very different. Its more hands on and productive than the theoratical stuff i am used too.

Everyone seems to be doing 9-5 these days. 3 of my mates are social workers, and the rest are at uni or doing dissertations. Being the only 9-5 in the house is hard as i have to be in bed by 11 as i awake at 6.30! so no more Tiger Tiger or Wedesnday fun, i live for the weekends.

I have been looking at the work here on my placement and realised i wish i took more hands on course. There is a degree in Norwich for Publishing. That would be amazing, as placements vary from The Guardian, Penguin Books and Blackwells pUBLISHING. But at the end of the day, i Have a Media Degree with Creative Writing, i will have completed a PGCE in FE education and i have lots of experience so who knows where it may lead.

I have been thinkin about what i want to do this time next year. Hopefully i will be doiing my QTTS quallifying year, either in Surrey or London. If so, i would want to move to Surrey or London, hopefully somewhwere cool.

My friend NIOR is working on placement at a magazine at the moment. She is dating someone from the SoHo Dolls and interviewed Mitch Hewer the olther day and JLC.

It just makes me think, i could have done that. But things happen for a reason so...

Who knows. My star signs keep syaing i will either get pregnant or marry someone with babies this month HAHAHA imagine that? then my life WOULD be in termoil.


Anonymous said...

Hello there, I was just randomly messing about on the internet on blog pages and came across yours and saw that you mentioned the Publishing course at Norwich art school. I've actually just completed that course and graduated in June. Its a really good course, and the university leads by its reputation of being excellent. You do get lots of opportunities to get involved in the industry and has great links with The Times newspaper, Penguin books, and links with design agencies in London. I throughly enjoyed it. I'm now looking to pursue a pgce in art and design secondary. Hope that helps if you were thinking about perhaps going to Norwich (oh and the city is beautiful too) Laura.

Anonymous said...

sorry i forgot to say, if u want to know anything more, please get in touch,if you like.