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My Flatmate Hardip is a fan of postsecret.blogspot.com. I have heard of this idea where people post there most hidden secrets on a postcard and it gets put on this blog. Its updated every sunday! I think its amazing and i thank her for reminding me how powerful some of them are. There is also a book out on flatmates notes which is a little more light hearted.

I really cant wait for the Rothko exhibition at The Tate Modern in the coming weeks.

I also realised i never finished reading Tracy Emin's biography. It is such an interesting read, i was reading it over summer and lefrt it at home. Her attitude is because of many things that have affected her. The stroy of her life is amazing, i really recomend.

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selectronic said...

mate. postsecret has been my life since like forever. also check out www.asofterworld.com

have added you, peace!