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Ok i have never kepy any new years resolutions; they all seem to be the same: Loose weight, stop smoking, take up the gym...well mine is a long list complied of attitudes and what is good for me in 2009 nine, and what i attempt to accomplish. Lets see by this tme next year how many i can tick off.

1. I shall quit smoking ( This includes pawning off others to fulfill my anxiety)
2. Thou shall not let weed occur ( This includes the occurance of munchies.)
3. I will not shout at the TV/Cat/Laptop/Car/Cooker when it does not do as its told.
4. I will greet all people with a smile and not a 'what the hell was he/she thinking' face.
5. I will attempt to get down to a size 0. (ok maybe not...a few pounds...a stone..1,2,3 ok 2 stone!)
6. My hair will be long.
7. I will continue to wax and not shave
8. My hair will NOT be blonde by 2010.
9. I will attempt to find a good relationship (booty calls and sex on 1st dates, 2nd 3rd, 4th and 5th are not acceptable!)
10. ....Number 9 will only occur when i find someone i actually like.
11. I will not swear, burp or sit with my legs apart in front of eligable bachelors.
12. My itunes will exceed 2000 before i get an IPOD.
13. I will buy a lomo diana camera.
14. I will buy more shoes ( when i cleare my store cards)
15. I will have a new wardrobe.
16. I will attend the gym at the LEAST of 3 times a week for 45 minutes. ( not 20mins once a week)
17. I will not count a whole packet of Penguins as ONE biscuit.
18. Hardip and I will not end our lives at parties with the the weed occurance.


Jamie Winstone is one person that can walk out the house with a castle on her head and no one gives a shit. Let victoria Beckham do it and the whole worlds Paparazzi are in stitches, causing a stir probably explaining how the mother of 3 has had a mid-life crisis! But i think its fetching.
She is one darling i would love to go on a boozzed up sat night with. She seems to not give a shit, has this quirky attitude and also has a pretty scrawny yet unexpecedly cute boyfriend Alfie Allen.
I think i have a slight girl crush on Jamie.

I once fancied Lily Allen and Pixie Geldof but the fact Jamie doesnt fall out of taxi's with her muff hanging out and she only attends certain premiers ( note to Jodie Marsh and Jordan here...) she seems to have this demure sense about her. Not to mention a fantastic wardrobe. It must run in her family though, her sister is a STUNNER.

This is Louis Winstone. She is a cross between Amy Winehouse (pre crack..) and..i dotn know who. She has these perfect eyes and a lovely pout..but she doesnt quite stack it with the fashion genes.

I love her personally.


GUCCI £4,600

So its been over a week since i last posted. This is due to the lack of internet in my town - my home, and i have been stickingwith the Blackberry for comfort.
I managed to get some great deals in the sales, mainly another fur coat for £15 which i aquired from Poo Look (New Look). Its ok, although visiting Vogue.com their fur coats are immense. This is from the Autumn/Spring collection and at 4k its a bit out my price range. But i love it.

I have also been spending a loton beauty products at the moment. Mainly MAC and The Body Shop brushes, but i need too it makes such a difference.

Well New years is tomoorow and i am going back to P-TOWN for a dance off. I am lookingforward to it.

Hardip and Renny have blogs. check em innit.



Ok so instead of spending money on presents i have ended up with MAC make up, new shoes and 2 pairs of jeans. I cant help myself, my hands should be locked away.
Sunday i got totally smashed with Katy and her dad down the pub - drinks were on tap, so i was taken full advantage of.
Today i went to reading and got blown away by MAC's delights i ended up blowing a lot of money in their. My mate Alana works there so when i saw how gorgeous she was i couldnt help myself. It took 2 hours of christmas traffic to get home from a place 30 mins away. I was angered by the time i got in.
Tomorrow i am spending the day with my dad so we can get my mum something, although we will end up in the pub like i said before, he already hinted at a hotel on the way hoem where they do an amazing ploughmans!

so NYE this year is in pompey with HAVANA and then a house party!
I am excited..


52 students from all around southsea brought their own meals, vegetabales, wines and delights to the function room of a very cute pub in a quiet street..this is the home of an amazing night.



Here we have our chistmas meal...


early doors

I have been really naughty recently. Tesco have been selling advent callenders for 1p! No lie...i have eaten 3 so far this month and its not even christmas. I am sitting in my room waiting for the gammon and potatoes to cook that we have been cooking for our huge christmas meal.52 of us will be eaten amazing delights this evening for our anual Inida Arms Christmas dinner. Seeigs as they have a function room as a living space, its inevitable.
I have no money still and i am praying that my bursery will go in friday because i owe my flatmate an abundance of money and some banks. I got declined in New Look today...and thats saying something.

For some reason no pictures can upload today....

Anyway i have been thinkin about what to do about my situatiuon. I have decided to leave it and let it work out for itself. He doesnt even live in portsmouth and its not good trying to start something that will turn into nothing after a few months, so its cool i am enjoying being single anyway. Although i do miss company n my bed. I had Renny stay in there on monday after dinner turned into a piss up and we got smashed!Him and I were chatting to gorgeous girls online and he was a disgrace...i thought he was meant to be gay... lol.
I go home on friday for 2 weeks, so i doubt i will be able to update much as the internet has not been sorted yet. I am looking forwartd to just lounging on large sofa's and going to the usual chav places. I am one at heart, i admit. Yates has a old schpool grage evening and drum and bass which i will be up for..

I have nbot even finished shopping for presents yet!I will be finishing it off over the weekend with my papa, so it should be hilarious it always is. we suaully get the wrong idea and end up in the pub or a bar sipping beer and catching jokes. Then we forget what we went to go and get and just get something shit because the shops have shut!

My presents this year are rubbish! I Have only been able to get clotehs for people but its better than nothing,i just feel bad because i know my mum wants to get me an IPOD.

Merry Early Christmas Delight. xxx



When has it ever been complicated bewteen these two?
Why are men soooo Long! Complicated...blah blah blah. I seem to be the Ken and they seem to be the barbie
why do girls always have to make the first move/next step?




I am actually broke. I have been buying chritsmas presents on my Topshop store card, which i believe to now be maxed out. I have been buying my parents clothes and cd's and along the way treating myself to 2 skirts and a top! What the hell am i doing? Vodaphone cahrged me 267 quid for my phone bill and i am meant to be getting back 107 quid this week. I hoped it would go in before i go home because all my mates want to go out chritsmas eve and i cant. I suppose i will be designated driver.
I have been eyeing up evyerthing in Topshop recently, i can not survive with no money. Roll on January 5th when i get loan and bursery.
I feel i am ready to go home, the weather and cold house is getting to me and i cant wait to munch on some lovely home cooked food and have my old warm bed back.
I have also been making loads of cupcakes! My first batch was sickly, i put too much icing on and hardly any batter, but my second batch was amazing. It also went well with the pie i made from scractch. I think i am a wicked housewife.

Alex went to Jamaica yesterday, i feel bad for not saying goodbye untill january but to be fari its got to the point when i feel happier not speaking to him at the moment. The last in counter we had he and i had some texting beef which caused me to become more upset.
Anyway bporing boring. Its rubberdub chrimbo party tonight and seeings as i have no money i will be sober as a judge. I may go i may not who knows?




next week FOALS are playing at our local pub. Weird i know but this week they have already had Simian Mobile Disco, so hwy not have some foals?

I have offically got all the money out of my bank. I have £64.80p to my name, although i did get the store card ou and buy a fit skirt from dp's. I also did a little bit of crimbo shopping, not much. But it was enough for my bank anyway!
Hopefully i iwll get a couple of hundred quid on friday, just the uni's way of being nice....that will pay for the drinks at christmas.
I still dont know what i am doing for NYE yet. I went to london last year and it was amazing but money and effort is causing a houseparty.
I have finally got my london pictures aklthough out of 27 only 14 were good enough. I am sitting writing this contemplating wherther to go to Liquid to see freestylers, bodyrox, tincy strider, ultrabeat and NTRANCE. its cheese but its my youth, so i feel i should obide and go along for the ride
Rubberdub is this friday which is a bonus because its free entry for the night and all i will buy is a bottle of vodka which i will sneak in.
I really need some money i have not bought such rubbish presents for crimbp ever before.

Now i am single, i can focus that extra £50 on myself. I had eyes up loades of things to get alex for chirtsmasbut as we are not talking i will just have to spoil someone else....


Ok so i have been slacking when it comes to politics and relevant news these days which doesnt involve Vogue winter 2008 collection or Elle magazines new collumnist...
I have recided to look at Politics and the city
I am also loving Magculture.com. I am addicted, its facinating.


Amazing necklaces and broaches for no more than £10!

This Charming girl

and all deliver by the 20th december! Just in time for crimbo.



So she DOES have talent.....


Gavin Watson exhibition is on carnaby street this week! The Northern photographer is re-releasing his 1994 classic Skins and Punks book which occupies the images he took when he was living up north in the 1970's when he was 14 years old. That sis quite an achievement - considering.

VICE magazine which is free in some local shops is now selling for £5.99 online! What is that about? I doi love vice...although i forget to collect my copy.
I am also loving the Vice sex book,of rock and roll. £24.95!



When we went to JUNK in southampton, this song drove us insane. I think you will end up loving it too. Its a remix of The Kills by Fake Blood, who are also playing at FABRIC next sat.


I am in a manic state of money depression. I have been limiting my spending for a while, it seems christmas presents that cost more than £5 are just not up my street. I did get some bargains though, from the HMV website. Ratatouile for £4 and Zero 7s album for £2.99! There is no better bargain than that really....
I dont know what i want for christmas really, i have an idea its clothes. Topshop has some amazing jewels...i treated myself to some today which were £8 and although i did not get 10% discount it was worth it.. the 15.5% should have been aproved but it wasnt. They say they do not do student discount anymore, i think i will have to investigate.


The perfume that i really want at the moment is ELLE by YvesSaintLaurent. Its lush, it stays on for ages and you hardly need any. I need to change my signature smell, SJP is dead out.
I also want some of these beauties from Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful, which is located in London. I remember shopping there when i was working at Emap 2 years ago. Its expensive but amazing.



Peaches Geldof has a new title. Not only is she a socialite/dj/wannabe/singer/dancer/model she is also now an editor of her very own magazine. Dissapear Here magazine is 4.99 and can only be pre orded offline at www.dissapearheremag.com. The magazine which promises to be 'like no other' will probably be full of peaches and her friends socialising, having fun and doing what everyone else can do. High street affordables, with beauty tips from the girl herself and iot promises an interview with Pete Doherty...like we have not heard that before.

But then again, i have pre orderded my copy....


I need to quit smoking.


I have had another wonderfull weekend, again followed by a piece of shit.
ex + agro = despair. I think space is what we are having. In Hollyoaks terms that means a break from everything and everyone and probably will never be the same again,. 1, just saw him in the lib. he clocked me and then left....

shit? fucking shit.

check out this video and Fake Blood's remix of The Kills - http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/video/video.php?v=1016529386452&subj=286000276