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early doors

I have been really naughty recently. Tesco have been selling advent callenders for 1p! No lie...i have eaten 3 so far this month and its not even christmas. I am sitting in my room waiting for the gammon and potatoes to cook that we have been cooking for our huge christmas meal.52 of us will be eaten amazing delights this evening for our anual Inida Arms Christmas dinner. Seeigs as they have a function room as a living space, its inevitable.
I have no money still and i am praying that my bursery will go in friday because i owe my flatmate an abundance of money and some banks. I got declined in New Look today...and thats saying something.

For some reason no pictures can upload today....

Anyway i have been thinkin about what to do about my situatiuon. I have decided to leave it and let it work out for itself. He doesnt even live in portsmouth and its not good trying to start something that will turn into nothing after a few months, so its cool i am enjoying being single anyway. Although i do miss company n my bed. I had Renny stay in there on monday after dinner turned into a piss up and we got smashed!Him and I were chatting to gorgeous girls online and he was a disgrace...i thought he was meant to be gay... lol.
I go home on friday for 2 weeks, so i doubt i will be able to update much as the internet has not been sorted yet. I am looking forwartd to just lounging on large sofa's and going to the usual chav places. I am one at heart, i admit. Yates has a old schpool grage evening and drum and bass which i will be up for..

I have nbot even finished shopping for presents yet!I will be finishing it off over the weekend with my papa, so it should be hilarious it always is. we suaully get the wrong idea and end up in the pub or a bar sipping beer and catching jokes. Then we forget what we went to go and get and just get something shit because the shops have shut!

My presents this year are rubbish! I Have only been able to get clotehs for people but its better than nothing,i just feel bad because i know my mum wants to get me an IPOD.

Merry Early Christmas Delight. xxx

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