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next week FOALS are playing at our local pub. Weird i know but this week they have already had Simian Mobile Disco, so hwy not have some foals?

I have offically got all the money out of my bank. I have £64.80p to my name, although i did get the store card ou and buy a fit skirt from dp's. I also did a little bit of crimbo shopping, not much. But it was enough for my bank anyway!
Hopefully i iwll get a couple of hundred quid on friday, just the uni's way of being nice....that will pay for the drinks at christmas.
I still dont know what i am doing for NYE yet. I went to london last year and it was amazing but money and effort is causing a houseparty.
I have finally got my london pictures aklthough out of 27 only 14 were good enough. I am sitting writing this contemplating wherther to go to Liquid to see freestylers, bodyrox, tincy strider, ultrabeat and NTRANCE. its cheese but its my youth, so i feel i should obide and go along for the ride
Rubberdub is this friday which is a bonus because its free entry for the night and all i will buy is a bottle of vodka which i will sneak in.
I really need some money i have not bought such rubbish presents for crimbp ever before.

Now i am single, i can focus that extra £50 on myself. I had eyes up loades of things to get alex for chirtsmasbut as we are not talking i will just have to spoil someone else....

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