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GUCCI £4,600

So its been over a week since i last posted. This is due to the lack of internet in my town - my home, and i have been stickingwith the Blackberry for comfort.
I managed to get some great deals in the sales, mainly another fur coat for £15 which i aquired from Poo Look (New Look). Its ok, although visiting Vogue.com their fur coats are immense. This is from the Autumn/Spring collection and at 4k its a bit out my price range. But i love it.

I have also been spending a loton beauty products at the moment. Mainly MAC and The Body Shop brushes, but i need too it makes such a difference.

Well New years is tomoorow and i am going back to P-TOWN for a dance off. I am lookingforward to it.

Hardip and Renny have blogs. check em innit.

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