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I am actually broke. I have been buying chritsmas presents on my Topshop store card, which i believe to now be maxed out. I have been buying my parents clothes and cd's and along the way treating myself to 2 skirts and a top! What the hell am i doing? Vodaphone cahrged me 267 quid for my phone bill and i am meant to be getting back 107 quid this week. I hoped it would go in before i go home because all my mates want to go out chritsmas eve and i cant. I suppose i will be designated driver.
I have been eyeing up evyerthing in Topshop recently, i can not survive with no money. Roll on January 5th when i get loan and bursery.
I feel i am ready to go home, the weather and cold house is getting to me and i cant wait to munch on some lovely home cooked food and have my old warm bed back.
I have also been making loads of cupcakes! My first batch was sickly, i put too much icing on and hardly any batter, but my second batch was amazing. It also went well with the pie i made from scractch. I think i am a wicked housewife.

Alex went to Jamaica yesterday, i feel bad for not saying goodbye untill january but to be fari its got to the point when i feel happier not speaking to him at the moment. The last in counter we had he and i had some texting beef which caused me to become more upset.
Anyway bporing boring. Its rubberdub chrimbo party tonight and seeings as i have no money i will be sober as a judge. I may go i may not who knows?

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